Concierge & PA Services to all


 Simply hire Opulent VIP to be your apartment's partner in providing not only just concierge, but PERSONAL ASSISTANT services to ALL units and residents. 

Small or Large


It doesn't matter if you manage 5 apartment complexes, or 700 of them. It doesn't matter if all your properties are in one city, throughout a state, or spread all over the country. We are fully prepared to implement our services to all of your properties.  

What can a Personal Asst do?


Residents can use us for anything ranging from errands, personal shopping, clerical work, house sitting, pet sitting, light cleaning, home organization, companionship visits, etc using a dedicated portal (sample). 


Benefits for the Tenant/Resident

@ Easy access to concierge & household management services.

@ Peace of mind in having a trusted person that they can rely on.

@ Prestige of having a personal assistant available to them.

@ Having more flexibility and time for themselves.

@ Reduced Pay-As-You-Go Donation rates compared to our regular rates.

@ Drawing into a month of free rent if they use our services.

@ Ability to nominate a person in-need at Christmas time for special help from our company.

@ All of this leads to a Happy Resident. And a happy resident renews his/her lease!

Benefits for your Apartment/Company

@ Marketability to new tenants on the amazing new service... wouldn't it be great to be able to advertise that all of your apartments offer a concierge and a personal assistant service to all its Tenants, at a very low cost!? Of course!

@ Leverage and separation from the competition who don't use our services. Do you want your company to distinguish itself from others by providing Tenants with our exclusive service? We have the solution!

@ Tenant's willingness to continue leasing due to this service being offered to them. Like we stated before, a happy Tenant is a "good for business", and the more satisfied they are with the services the apartment offers, the more likely they are to continue leasing!

@ Ability to justify higher rent rates. Higher rent rates benefit you the management company, and of course, your clients, as NOI increases and appreciates the property. Investing in affordable amenities for your property is an intelligent way to add value. 

@ Optional "Management Fee" for the property management company, which pays the you, the management company, for overseeing our partnership. See pricing for details.

@ Increased prestige in the local area due to offering such an amazing service. This is a perfect opportunity for your management company to distinguish itself in the community. Go ahead, it's OK to brag about the services you offer.

@ Donations to local animal rescue organizations made in the company's name, which builds community relationships and brand recognition. If you have a preferred charity, we will gladly incorporate the donation into such organization.

@ All of which leads to an INCREASED VALUE FOR THE PROPERTY!... which your clients (or you, if you are the one who owns the properties), would appreciate, for many reasons.

Two real-world examples of the benefits...

John needs a pet sitter ASAP


He just got a call from his boss, saying he has to travel across the country for 5 days for a series of business meetings. He is stressed about what to do with his dogs, and who can look after his apartment while he's gone.


Opulent VIP is his answer.

Someone who he can call and have them take care of his apartment, his pets, his plants while he's away. -- all from a personal assistant he can trust, at a low price.

Valerie is overwhelmed


She's 24 years old. She has a busy career. But her apartment is a mess. She is a single mother and has a toddler she's taking care of. She has no time to run errands, no time to shop for groceries, and her definitely no time for a social-life.

Opulent VIP is her answer.

Someone who can run errands for her, do some light cleaning and organize her apartment once a month  -- all from a personal assistant she can trust, at a low price.