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Discussion & Initial Consult


(1) Discuss the idea with your team. 

(2) Contact me for an initial consultation over the phone or via e-mail. We can answer any questions you may have. It would also let me have the opportunity find out more information about your properties and any specific needs you have.

In-Person Meeting


(3)  If you think you want to more forward, let me know, and I will fly out to meet you at your location. I will go over what we offer, how it benefits you and the tenants, go over a specific proposal. Besides, we always meet face-to-face with our potential clients, we believe it's important.

(4) We can also decide on preliminary implementation steps. 

Implementation & Launch


(5)   Once the agreements are signed and all questions are answered, Opulent VIP will get started on the finalized implementation of all logistics needed to bring our fantastic service to all of your properties and residents. 

Max A Magnasco, Owner

Let's get started!  |  407.902.8331

Projected Implementation


Time Period

After meeting with you and finalizing the specifics, we would then set up an implementation period, where Opulent VIP will set up all necessary logistics. This can be anywhere between 30 days to 180 days, and can be staggered, depending on your specific situation and the number of properties in your managed-portfolio.  


Some of the logistics that Opulent VIP will engage in are the following: recruiting new talent, interviewing, performing background checks, training new employees for consistent quality, setting up invoicing for properties, human resource tasks for new staff, and marketing materials for tenants. Also planned are brief face to face meetings with on-site apartment managers, to introduce ourselves and getting to know them. Again, these are some of the logistics... more will be done behind the scenes.


Max, our owner, is actively involved in the implementation of every aspect of the operations, and is experienced in bringing such logistics to life. In 2010, Max started a behavioral health company to provide counseling and psychiatric services to low-income children and adolescents. The company was started from scratch, with a lot of work and dedication, and by 2018, it grew to become one of the largest behavioral and mental health agencies in the state of Florida, with a budget of approx $4 million, serving over 14,000 clients in need, and managing over 400 employees working on-the-field throughout the state of Florida. 


Our team will remain in constant communication with your assigned key-person at your organization, by providing weekly updates and, beyond implementation, monthly reports. Max, our CEO, will always be available to you for any question or concern you may have.