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Do you want to gain an edge over your competitors?

Are you a smart, out-of-the-box thinker who recognizes value-trends?

Partnering with Opulent VIP to offer personal assistant & concierge services to your Residents is exactly what's needed.


Recognize the Trends

If you are a smart and confident management company or apartment manager, you must recognize "trends" in society. Recognizing trends always leads to better opportunities and increased value into what you do. In this case, recognizing the trends will make your properties more valuable, increase revenues, get a jump on the competition, and you can leverage the trends to market your properties accordingly. 

The trends that we are talking about are : 

1. Multi-family residential homes (apartments) will be increasingly important in the future and will be a better decision than purchasing single-family homes, leading to an increased number of tenants in the marketplace, tenants who expect services and amenities as part of their rental*.

2. People want to save time and to be serviced. People are willing to pay for convenience and peace of mind. They want easy-access to someone who can help them with whatever they need. Someone they can trust and rely on. Someone like a personal assistant.

3. People want to feel like they are part of the "1%". People want to have access to those services which wealthy individuals enjoy on a regular basis, like a personal assistant.

*According to Buildium’s 2017 American Renter's Report, 55% of tenants valued amenities as a top-reason in choosing a place to live.

  • * On an independent survey that OpulentVIP conducted between 2010 and 2015 of over 3,000 tenants,97% responded that they would use concierge and personal assistant services, should the apartment offer them as a fully or partially-paid service or amenity; 88% responded that they would continue their lease with the apartment should those services be available to them, even if they had to pay up to 10% additional rent.



Our Vision...

.... is for our concierge and personal assistant services to be available to all apartments in the United States, as a regular feature or service, such as the likes of Wifi, a washer and dryer, etc. We want it to be a rarity for apartment complexes NOT to have such service.

Our Mission...

.... is to be able to provide our fantastic service to at least 1 million apartment units across the United States, and to as many high-end individuals as possible.

Our services are offered on an individual basis to the general public. Visit for details.